We aim to enable our users to make fact-checking easier and faster. Let's eliminate the misinformation in our daily life !
  1. We create F-STEM Solution Limited
    F-STEM is created by a group of IT experts
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    We received generous funding from Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF)!
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    We will soft-launch our first product “Fact Explorer” soon!
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    We will be test-driving more features and products. Stay tuned!
Misinformation detection
Misinformation detection

While misinformation obscures the fact, we detect misinformation, for example, fake news and rumor through our accurate algorithm and community effort.

News Aggregation
News Aggregation

We have a sophisticated algorithm driven by AI to aggregate information from different perspectives, providing you fact-checking and news analysis with high accuracy.

Community effort to tackle misinformation
Community effort to tackle misinformation

We establish a fact-check forum for members to discuss. We encourage members to participate by providing evidence to support the accuracy of information

Our Vision

A place for rational discussions

We encourage discussion among people with different perspectives.

Rumors stop at a wise crowd

Qualified users can provide evidence to support the truthiness of the information.

Check-and-Think before Send

We appreciate people to check the information before they send.


Come together, right now.
Fact Explorer

With technologies in NLP (natural language processing) and collective wisdom from our learned users, Fact Explorer identifies misinformation and fake news. Focused on public health, finance and scientific knowledge, we aim to help our users and make fact-checking easier and faster.




近一兩年有關中文市場文化有一場很大的爭議, 廣東話(香港)跟普通話(中國)市場有著不同的的支持者。現而, 站在商業角度來廣東話應該何去何從 ?  最難解決的問題 – 本地化  廣東話是香港, 澳門, 廣州的主要語言, 以人口來說當然沒有使用普通話的人口多, 但人數的多少在商業價值來說並非所有。...

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《鼻咽癌語音易患因素與難患因素分析》一文(下稱《鼻咽癌語音》),早在2004年刊登於《海南醫學》期刊。文章提出粵語獨特的鼻音韻母,會引發鼻咽鼻竇共振,「引起黏膜肥厚及非典型增生、形成腫瘤」。蘋果日報在2014年報導該文,並引述中山大學中文系教授余偉文,直指「畢竟,我們不是一天到晚都在發鼻音」。 蘋果日報沒有提到的是,聲稱「粵語獨特的鼻音韻母」,根本就是混淆視聽。我們可以在下表看到:粵語、英語、國語三種語言都有鼻音,而且處於同樣的三個發音位置。 [m] [n] [ŋ] 粵語 買 [maːi] 娜 [naː] 牙 [ŋaː]...

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二零二零年的話題,當然離不開肺炎。Retraction Watch 網站在十一月報道了一項研究,而研究發表的文章現時為「暫時移除」(Temporary Removal,見。研究指佩戴軟玉(Nephrite-Jade)/玉珮可能防止肺炎(”Amulets may prevent COVID-19″)。不少學者質疑作者有否充分理據,證明軟玉中的礦物成分能夠影響 COVID-19 病毒以至病患者的身體反應。由於原文暫時移除,下圖轉載自 Retract Watch。圖中綠色方格聲稱,「玉器與LWMA交互作用,並防止胸腔器官疾病」。其中...

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We aim to enable our users to make fact-checking easier and faster. Let's eliminate the misinformation in our daily life !

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F-Stem Solution Limited is a company that aims to tackle human-centered issues with AI-based solutions.

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